Japanese Moxa and Moxibustion
September 17-18, 2022
with Maya Suzuki. L.Ac.

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Student discount of $50
What you will master in this workshop:

This course is for practitioners/students who are:
-Frustrated trying develop their moxa practice. 
-Don't understand how to clinical apply moxa.
-Need to start their moxa practice. 

We will specifically be zooming in on direct moxa practice and will spend the whole workshop learning how to create, perfect, and then properly apply moxa in treatment. 

The goal of this workshop is to create a roadmap for every practitioner to follow while on their moxa journey for success in every treatment and understanding and confidence in the creation and application of every cone.

  • Day1: How to create and perfect a direct, half grain moxa practice. Chinetsu Kyushu. When to use what kind of moxa in your practice.
  • Day2 : Advanced application of moxa in treatment for ShinKyu University students. Non-participants will continue to work on creating their practice and perfecting the application of it.
  • Each day will feature demonstration models for real world practice.
  • Moxa and tools provided.
  • 14 NCCAOM/CA pdas pending
About the teacher
Hi! I'm Maya Suzuki. Nice to meet you.

I'm glad you're here!

I have helped countless acupuncturists through mentorship and tried and true methods to get better results with every needle and cone of moxa and have confidence in their treatment approach and application.

 After years of coordinating and translating for international acupuncturists learning Japanese acupuncture, I noticed a strong trend: Acupuncturists, trained outside of Japan, spend over $10,000 and decades just trying to learn Japanese style treatment.

The problem is that most never really create a strong foundation for that knowledge, and they very rarely, if ever, have a mentor to shape their learning. I started ShinKyu University to change all that, and I've distilled my approach down to this document and would like you to have it for free!

So dig in! I can't wait to hear your clinical results!
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